Sight Glasses

Acrylic Sight Glasses

E J Group Limited manufacture sight glasses for filter backwash pipe lines from clear acrylic in standard sizes from 2” to 12”. The standard length is 300mm overall but can be made to any size to suit all site requirements.

The sight glasses are manufactured from 5mm thick acrylic tube with 25mm thick cast acrylic full face flanges and 8mm diameter stainless steel ties rods.

The full face flanges can be manufactured in imperial sizes to BS10, metric sizes to BS4504 or ANSI.

  • Acrylic
  • Stainless Steel Tie Rods
  • Imperial Flanges to BS10
  • Metric Flanges to BS4504
  • ANSI Flanges
  • 2” to 12” Standard Sizes
  • Can be manufactured to suit existing pipework
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