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Outlet Grids & Frames

E J Group Limited manufactures outlet grids and frame which comply with the industry standard requirements for health & safety. They are made in standard sizes of 250mm x 250mm, 300mm x 300mm, 450mm x 450mm & 600mm x 600mm as well as well as bespoke sizes to match tile patterns or specific client requirements such as flume de-watering sumps. The frame is fabricated from 12mm thick white uPVC and the grid from E J Group moulded polypropylene grille section.

Grids and frames are also manufactured in 316 stainless steel in various finishes from mirror polished to powder coated.

250mm x 250mm

300mm x 300mm

450mm x 450mm

600mm x 600mm


316 Stainless Steel
600mm x 600mm Grid & Frame

Bespoke sizes

Complies with Health & Safety requirements

Flume de-watering sumps

Anti Vortex

450mm x 450mm Grid & Frame